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Hand-crafted Graphic Presets for Adobe Photoshop.
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mini-kit here

What exactly is in the kit?

The product comes with a zip archive containing all of the graphics and instructions for adding them to your Photoshop installation.

What versions of Photoshop does this work with?

This set works with Photoshop CS2 and newer, however the installation is a bit more difficult in the earlier versions.

I already have custom presets, can I still use PsDefaults?

Absolutely! Our set is designed as a complete replacement for the originals, but it will play nicely with any presets you already have and won't stop you from downloading others.

Can I get a preview before I order the full set?

Of course. Just click the tab above and sign up for our email list -- the free "mini-kit" is exactly like the final product, only smaller.

I saw this is on Kickstarter, what does that mean?

Kickstarter is a way for us to raise money by getting pre-orders for the kit before it is finished. This means we can make the set larger and better for everyone, and if you pre-order on Kickstarter you can get a really awesome discount.

When will the product be ready for purchase/download?

You can pre-order the set now on Kickstarter, but the actual product will be finished and on sale in the beginning of August

Who are the designers?

The set is designed primarily by Tony Thomas and Nathan Brown, but also includes designs by Mason Hipp, Jon Phillips, and Sebastiano Guerriero.


About PsDefaults

PsDefaults is a complete set of modern, handcrafted replacement graphics that will give your copy of Photoshop a much needed kick in the pants. The set includes useful brushes, gorgeous patterns, modern shapes, artistic photo-actions, and more -- all of which are being lovingly crafted by a handful of designers in the U.S. and U.K.

PsDefaults can be installed in less than two minutes with Photoshop CS6. The final package includes tons of instructions and lots of help -- our goal with this project is to design an all-in-one solution that anyone can use.

Useful to all Photoshop users

PsDefaults is made for anyone who uses Photoshop on a semi-regular basis: designers, developers, start-ups, photographers, or any of the hundreds of other creative types. If you use Photoshop this can make your life better and your designs prettier.

Meet the Team

PsDefaults is a collaboration between MediaLoot and WeGraphics and our team reflects that. Project lead is Mason Hipp (hey guys =D), our main designers are Tony Thomas and Nathan Brown, and our lead developer is Natalie Hipp.

Between us we have almost 40 years of combined Photoshop and design experience, and we've got way more than that working with art, web, and other related technologies. We've been involved in everything from photography, to app design, to web design, font design, book and print layout, hardware design, and much much more. If there was a group that should probably have thought of this idea last year, it's us.


Version Compatibility

Complete functionality with versions CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, and CS6 of Adobe Photoshop. Limited functionality in earlier versions.

Package Contents

-- Actions (6 sets, 110 items)
-- Brushes (25 sets, 622 items)
-- Shapes (6 sets, 355 items)
-- Gradients (8 sets, 230 items)
-- Patterns (14 sets, 170 items)
-- Styles (7 sets, 148 items)

Installation Instructions

For installation the set needs to be extracted and imported into photoshop using the preset manager (CS6), or copied in the file structure at the correct location (CS2-CS5.5). Kit Includes:

-- Text instructions for installation
-- Screencast instructions showing installation

Files and sizes

Preset filetypes are: .ATN, .ABR, .ASL, .CSH, .PAT, .GRD

Package Size is: ~324 MB

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