Better Default Graphics  for Adobe Photoshop

Ps Defaults

About PsDefaults
PsDefaults is a complete set of replacement defaults (also known as presets) for Adobe Photoshop—and frankly it's something we should have thought of a long time ago.

We've been unhappy with the built-in presets for years and have been designing replacement brushes, patterns, styles, and shapes for just about as long. But apparently we are slow to catch on, because it only just occurred to us to curate our resources, focus our efforts, and design a comprehensive set with all of the essentials. Which is exactly what the PsDefaults set is going to be.

When will PsDefaults be ready?
There is still a lot of work to be done on the main set, but we're hoping to finish and launch by the end of July. There will be a unique opportunity to buy at a steep discount before we launch, so keep an eye out for an email from us with more info.

Who's behind all of this?
PsDefaults is a collaboration between the teams at MediaLoot and WeGraphics. There are four of us in the main group: Mason Hipp is at the helm, Tony Thomas and Nathan Brown are our very talented designers, and Natalie Hipp is the developer responsible for everything you're seeing now.

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